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In our Green room you will find one of the first families that settled in Oakfield.  The town of Oakfield was first settled in 1801, when Erastus Wolcott and Aaron White built homes and began the cultivation of farms.  Gideon Dunham located here soon after, in the same year, his neighborhood soon becoming known as Dunham's Grove. A little later in the same year Erastus Wolcott, Peter Rice and Christopher Kenyon moved into the town. 





  The Wolcott family is still here in Oakfield.  They have been serving their community since 1801 and still are today.  

We also have the Opera House, a famous play, "The Old Maids Convention" was performed here in Oakfield in the 1800's.  The play was about a time machine where you would walk through and become what you wished.  One woman wanted to become a man, one wanted to become twins.  






 You will also see a model of the Village Fire from 1895.  A fire started in the Wiard Plow building, it was almost under control when the fire pump broke.  Almost the entire Village burned waiting for help from Buffalo, finally they contacted Elba.









 The pumper that fought the fire is still here in Oakfield





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